“We know that attention acts as a lightning rod. Merely by concentrating on something one causes endless analogies to collect around it, even penetrate the boundaries of the subject itself: an experience that we call coincidence, serendipity – the terminology is extensive. My experience has been that in these circular travels what is really significant surrounds a central absence, an absence that, paradoxically, is the text being written or to be written.”  Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds"

I did an event at Housing Works last night. Afterwards, Amanda Bullock, their excellent Director of Programming took me behind the counter to show me their wares...and it turns out they had this here gorgeous edition of Hopscotch. Which I bought. (Reader, it was only forty dollars—The place is full of bargains. The jacket, if you didn't know, was designed by the amazing George Salter). And, as a strange side-note, it turns out, the book was priced by Sam Sacks, whose writing I love, and who I've had the honor of playing soccer with several times.

Anyway. Last post on Cortázar for a while.