The Shopping Guide You Didn't Ask For

Where can you buy my books, you (didn't) ask?

Well, they (they being COVER and WHAT WE SEE WHEN WE READ) are not on sale yet in bookstores, but will both be sitting on shelves this summer! August 5th, to be precise.

Please stop in and buy them then at your local hardworking, undervalued, culturally vital, independent bookstore. (My own local, hardworking, undervalued, culturally vital, independent bookstore is the most excellent Book Culture in Morningside Heights.)

So if you want to you can buy my books at

Book Culture

or another fine example of same is

McNally Jackson


Porter Square Books

and there are many other Indie bookstores I could recommend; too many to list.
So, luckily, these books of mine are also available at


and of course there is always

Barnes and Noble

and even a small, unheralded, upstart website known as

or you could just call my mom. (I'm sure she will have extras.)

So there you have it.

Thank you!